Entertainment in Glasgow

Visitors to Glasgow, Scotland will have no shortage of attractions to keep them occupied during both the day time and night time. If you\'re a tourist visiting Glasgow, you can spend the days visiting museums and historical sites of note, and then spend your nights out at a variety of different entertainment venues, including the cinema, theater, bars, or night clubs. No matter what your preference is for how to spend the evening, Glasgow is sure to have something that will entertain you and give you a fun evening.

If you want to see some good shows and spend some elegant nights out, there are many different options in Glasgow. The city has three major theaters to choose from, all of which offer high quality shows. The Citizens Theatre is a great place to go for both popular shows and large scale musicals. Oran Mor has a good variety of new, never before seen places, and Tron Theatre offers many entertaining shows, including some hidden gems that are not as well known as some other famous plays.

Those that enjoy catching a movie at the cinema instead will find no shortage of movie theatres here. The Glasgow Film Theatre has some of the latest, most popular movies, as well as showing some classics certain days of the week. The Cineworld Glasgow Parkhead Cinema will have all of the latest movies that are released, so if there is something current you\'ve been dying to see, this is the place to come to. Finally, the Eastwood Park Theatre plays some lesser known films, as well as classics both new and old. From Casablanca to Mama Mia, you can find a large variety of movies playing here.

For those that would prefer a night of entertainment out on the town, there are a number of clubs in Glasgow for both dancing an drinking. For some truly fun nights out, head to The Tunnel, which has a variety of big name DJs and lesser known ones, though the music is always good. They also have special student nights every once in awhile. Another great hot spot is The Garage, which plays a variety of different music genres and has great deals on drinks, including weekly specials. Also a great place to visit in Glasgow is The Sub Club, where the party goes on until early in the morning.

Even if dancing in the clubs or going to see movies or plays isn\'t your idea of entertainment, there are so many different events going on at Glasgow at any given time that it would be impossible to be bored in this city. You can find numerous sporting matches here, from football to basketball to car racing. You can also find places that will help train you in a sport, such as giving archery lessons or football training.

There are always musical acts performing in local venues and giving concerts all around the city, so look into who will be around in the area while you are visiting. In addition, there are quite a few comedians and comedy clubs that you can visit in Glasgow if you want to get a good chuckle. And if you prefer a more academic evening, there are lots of locations that give lectures, talks, or nightly courses. Look into some of the local museums, book shops, and art galleries if this sort of thing intrigues you.

No matter who you are, what you enjoy doing, and who you are traveling with, you\'re sure to find plenty of things to do while you are visiting Glasgow. For young and old, men and women, there is something for everyone.